Predicting Degradation of a Composite Material Due to an Injected Current

J. Rivenc [1],
[1] Airbus Group Innovations, Toulouse Cedex, France

The purpose of this study is to predict, with a multiphysics model, the degradation area of a composite material when a current is injected into the material. The main physical phenomenon is an exothermic reaction, with an irreversible nonlinear variation of the electrical conductivity. The strategy is presented, in order to perform a computation that correctly takes the physics into account. In order to model the irreversible variation of the conductivity, different trials are discussed. The limitation of the heat transfer with phase change material for modelling exothermic phenomena, is shown and an alternative method is presented, which allows modeling both the exothermic phenomenon, and the reaction kinetics, without the use of any mathematical tip. Results are presented on a simplified model and finally, the global calculation is presented on a simplified canonical case.