Reconstruction for Interstitial Diffuse Optical Tomography (iDOT) for Human Prostate

X. Liang, K. Kang-Hsin Wang, and T. Zhu
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Published in 2011

Determination of tissue optical properties distributions is very important for determining light fluence distribution during photodynamic therapy (PDT). In this study, an interstitial diffuse optical tomography (iDOT) system was used to characterize the spatial distribution of optical properties for a series of mathematical phantoms as well as verification measurements in a prostate phantom.

The iDOT system was implemented with multiple linear light diffusers as continuous-wave (CW) light source and isotropic detectors. The spatial distributions of light fluence rate can be described by a diffusion equation with spatial distribution of optical properties as unknown parameters. COMSOL was used to establish the mesh geometry of the system and to validate the solution to the diffusion equation using a finite element method.