Reduction of Fluid Forces on a Square Cylinder Using Passive Control Methods

A. Alshayji [1], A. Abograis [1]
[1]Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Published in 2013

COMSOL Multiphysics® is used in this study to simulate the flow around a square cylinder and focus on reducing the forces on the cylinder by passive control methods. Numerical simulations are made to find optimum cases of control methods that guarantee maximum reduction for Reynolds number 160 based on the width of the square cylinder (W) and the inlet flow velocity (U_in). The selection of the optimum cases is made based on flow patterns, lift coefficient of cylinder, drag coefficient of cylinder and plates, rms drag coefficient of cylinder, rms lift coefficient of cylinder, and Strouhal’s number. The effect of changing Reynolds number from 50 to 200 is also studied on these parameters.