Simplified Multiphysics Model for All-Solid State Microbatteries

M.S. Nesro[1], I.M. Elfadel[1]
[1]Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lithium microbatteries are replacing conventional power sources in many microsystems areas such as wireless sensors and biomedical monitors. In many of these applications, compact models of micro batteries are needed both at the microsystems design stage and at the real-time power management stage. These compact models are typically derived from physics-based discretized formulations. We have developed a simplified partial-differential equation (PDE) model for an all-solid state Li metal microbattery. The simplified PDE model was analyzed using both COMSOL Multiphysics® and a finite-difference scheme implemented in MATLAB®. Both implementations deviate by at most 2% from a full PDE model.