Structural Analysis of the Advanced Divertor eXperiment's Proposed Vacuum Vessel

J. Doody [1], R. Vieira [1], B. LaBombard [1], R. Leccacorvi [1], J. Irby [1], R. Granetz [1]
[1] Plasma Science and Fusion Center - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
Published in 2015

The goal of a tokamak is to use high magnetic fields to contain plasma and produce nuclear fusion that can be used for power generation. MIT’s Plasma Science Fusion Center (PSFC) and collaborators are proposing a machine, the Advanced Divertor eXperiment (ADX) to test new technology for these systems at reactor level heat fluxes and magnetic fields. COMSOL Multiphysics® software is used to analyze the proposed ADX vacuum vessel during a plasma disruption where the plasma, which is carrying 1.5MA of current, sees its current drop to zero while also falling from its equilibrium position. Eddy currents and Lorenz forces are calculated in COMSOL in the magnetic fields interface and then mapped to the solid mechanics interface to predict stresses and displacements.