Structural Dependent Temperature Distribution in Silicon Nanosheet Thermoelectronics

H.-K. Jang [1]
D. H. Kim [2]
K. H. Cho [2]
J. Park [3]
J. W. Lee [3]
G. T. Kim [1]
[1] Korea University, Seoul, Korea
[2] Korea University, Sejong Korea
[3] Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea
Published in 2015

Thermoelectric (TE) devices generate electrical potential when they have temperature difference. Silicon is one of the materials applied to TE devices. However, most of the studies about TE silicon devices have focused on 1D structure, like Si nanowire, not on 2D. In this study, silicon nanosheet TE device was considered, and we simulated the temperature distribution to estimate TE effect.