Structured Ultrasonic Metasurfaces

R. C. Thiagarajan
ATOA Scientific Technologies Private Limited
Bangalore, India

Ultrasonic acoustic waves usually encounter interfaces with significant impedance mismatch in practical medical or industrial imaging applications. A transparent interface can help to improve the performance of medical and industrial imaging and overall innovative applications. Similarly, a broadband total reflection interface can help to improve the architectural or transportation barrier acoustics.

This paper examines the structured ultrasonic metasurfaces for improved transparency or reflection. The ultrasound wave propagation in a typical two phase material interface is modeled in COMSOL. The interface is numerically explored with designer shapes for reduction in impedance mismatch by interactive wave effects. The input and out energy is compared as a function of metasurface features. The geometry and acoustical property effects on the transmission coefficient are predicted and reported. The results and discussion section include practical implementation issues and potential applications.