The Design of a Multilayer Planar Transformer for DC/DC Converter with a Resonant Inverter

M. Puskarczyk[1], R. Jez [1]
[1]ABB Corporate Research Center, Krakow, Poland
Published in 2014

Multilayer planar transformers are widely implemented in power electronic applications. The design process of these elements is complicated due to the complexity of a magnetic circuit and high frequency interactions between windings. Additionally, an analytical approach to the analysis (based on mathematical formulas) can be uncertain. The applied FEM method of the analysis can be a solution to the above mentioned problems and this method was implemented in this paper. The FEM model of a transformer was developed as the COMSOL 2D axial symmetry case and presented with implemented mathematical formulas, sequences of analyses, meshing aspects and combined with an Electrical Circuit interface. Results of the FEM analyses were compared with laboratory measurements of a transformer prototype.