The Design of a Novel Roof Tile Shape Using CFD Analysis

M. Bottarelli [1], M. Bortoloni [1], G. Dino [1],
[1] University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy
Published in 2016

In climates with high temperature and solar radiation, reducing the cooling consumption and increasing the standards of indoor comfort are topics of great importance. The roof plays a key role in controlling the indoor thermal comfort. In ventilated roofs, air flow within the ASV (Above Sheathing Ventilation) depends on the air entering and leaving at the eaves and the ridge, according to external wind conditions. Moreover, in tiled roofs the air-permeability of the overlapping tiles is an additional and diffuse intake/exhaust air-vent system therefore, the benefits of ASV could be enhanced by increasing the roof air permeability by means of novel tile shapes. In this study, in order to support the design of novel Marseillaise tile shapes, the air permeability of newly designed tile was compared with that of the reference tile, under different wind directions and intensities. The reference and new tile designs were compared in terms of the air pressure drop and the volumetric flow rate trough tiles.