Thermal Runway Control for Enhanced 4-Way Link Box Performance

Ayush Jain1, Ishant Jain1, Raghav Upasani1
1Raychem Innovation Center
Published in 2023

This study presents simulation findings from a 4-way link box assembly, aimed at understanding temperature-related challenges. The primary objective was to assess maximum temperatures within the assembly, focusing on the Complete Assembly, UET, Copper Busbar, and Wedge Link Busbar. Results show the highest temperature at the cable-UET interface, with heat transfer to the copper busbar.

To address elevated temperatures and enhance thermal performance, two key recommendations emerged. Firstly, increasing the copper busbar's cross-sectional area without altering thickness improves heat dissipation. Secondly, extending the UET's length enhances heat distribution and dissipation. These insights, derived using COMSOL Multiphysics, offer significant temperature reduction potential for the 4-way link box assembly, ensuring optimal performance.