Using Computational Multiphysics to Optimise Channel Design for a Novel PEM Fuel Cell Stack

F. A. Daniels[1], D. J. L. Brett[1], A. R. Kucernak[2], and C. Attingre[2]
[1]University College London, London, UK
[2]Imperial College London, London, UK

Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells have significant potential as a source of clean, efficient energy production. This study presents a three-dimensional, non-isothermal, fully-coupled model of a PEM fuel cell with printed circuit board current collectors.

The effect of the current collector design on transport phenomena and consequent cell performance is investigated. The model gives a better understanding of important considerations such as water and heat management. Furthermore, based on the results, the selection of a suitable current collector design for use in a PEM fuel cell stack is explored.