Ventilation System of a Microwave Assisted Drying Kiln

A.-G. Ghiaus[1], M.-A. Istrate[1], A. Georgescu[1]
[1]Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania

The paper presents the analysis and optimization of the ventilation system inside of a drying lumber kiln. As with any part of the manufacturing process, improper drying techniques cause quality degradation and considerable amount of energy loose. The improvement and optimization of air distribution systems in drying kilns contributes to the preservation of the wood quality. The performance of the air flow field is examined in different situations and configurations. Depending on the on-off switched fans and material position inside the dryer, various air flow distribution is obtained. The simulation is performed with the COMSOL program using k-? turbulent model and steady-state regime. Final results highlight the presence of some recirculation regions and the air flow characteristics.