Visualization of a Noise Barrier for Educational Purposes Using a COMSOL App

Y. Heggemann1, T. Breitkreutz1
1Hochschule Mittweida
Published in 2023

The COMSOL® app library of the Technical University of Munich is a collection of applications for simulating acoustic phenomena. They are used in the teaching of acoustics to visually represent fundamental vibrational aspects and provide learners with a visual understanding. In the current project of the young DEGA (German Acoustical Society), new apps are being developed under the leadership of the Technical University of Munich. The finite element method (FEM) simulation developed within this framework by the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences demonstrates the effect of a sound screen on sound propagation. The two-dimensional calculation illustrates the refraction and diffraction of sound waves at the edge of the screen. The geometry of the screen is freely adjustable, and a measurement point for evaluation can be freely moved. Furthermore, absorption coefficients of the wall and the ground can be freely adjusted to approximate the influence of different materials. All of this is supported by a theoretical calculation of insertion loss, aiming to integrate simulation and calculation according to DIN (German Institute for Standardization) standards. The model was created using the Acoustics Module. The final publication is available on the COMSOL Server™ of the Technical University of Munich, providing public access. To ensure uniformity within the library, the transition to an app was carried out using a template with the Application Builder.