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Bipolar Charge Transport Model of Insulators for HVDC Applications

Y.-i. Joe [1]
[1] LS Cable and System, South Korea

Charge transport behavior must be considered in developing HVDC design. In microscopic level, the space charge and conduction mechanisms are related with energy band‐gap and shallow/deep trap distribution and these come from chemical defects, physical disorder and impurities or by ... Read More

A Study on the 3D Modeling of Cathodic Protection for Buried Pipes with COMSOL Multiphysics

H. Chang [1]
[1] Kepco Engineering and Construction Company Inc., South Korea

매설배관에서 나타날 수 있는 손상의 유형은 누설, 파단, 막힘 기계적 충격 에 의한 구조적 손상 누설 : 부식(일반부식, 공식, 미생물부식 등), 피로 파단 : 부식(일반부식, 공식, 미생물부식 등), 피로 막힘 : 부식에 의한 스케일, 수중서식물의 증식 등 콘크리트 파열 : 내부 강재의 부식(콘크리트 균열 및 탈리) Read More

Study on the Thermal Behaviors of LFP Aluminum-laminated Battery with Different Tab Configurations

M. Jia [1], S. Du [1],
[1] School of Metallurgy and Environment, Central South University, Changsha 410083, PR China

Abstract: A 3.2V/10Ah LFP aluminum-laminated batteries are chosen as the target of the present study. A three-dimensional thermal simulation model is established based on finite element theory and proceeding from the internal heat generation of the battery[13]. The study illustrates a ... Read More

Numerical Analysis of Distribution and Evolution of Reaction Current Density in Discharge Process of Lithium-Ion Power Battery

Y. Tang [1], M. Jia [1], J. Li [1], Y. Lai [1], Y. Cheng [1], Y. Liu [1]
[1] School of Metallurgy and Environment, Central South University, Changsha, China

The reaction current density is an important process parameter of lithium-ion battery, significantly influencing its electrochemical performance. In this study, aimed at the discharge process of lithium-ion power battery, an electrochemical-thermal model was established to analyze the ... Read More

Modeling Of Corona Partial Discharge Under Various Electrode Types With Finite Element Analysis

G. Al-Tamimi [1]
[1] University of Malaya, Malaysia

Partial discharge (PD) is the most unwanted phenomenon in high voltage insulation system. It causes degradation to the equipment insulation leading eventually to the breakdown and system failure. One type of PD, called corona discharge, occurs due to the ionization of the air between ... Read More

Simulation Of Microfluidic Blood Cells Micro-Separator

A. Foughalia [1]
[1] International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

Micro-sized separation devices are in a state of research globally due to its simplicity; cost effectiveness and high precision for analyzing biological and medical samples, e.g. blood cells. Magnetophoresis is a technique to separate cells on biochip by manipulating the magnetic ... Read More

Modelling Of Current Density Distribution In Copper Wire And Frequency Dependence

S. Dabbak [1]
[1] University of Malaya, Malaysia

A magnetic field study was used to investigate the current distribution in 0.5mm and 0.63mm diameter copper wires. In this study, the skin depth was investigated when 1A sinusoidal wave pass through the wire of 0.5 mm and 0.63 mm diameter with copper electrical resistivity and relative ... Read More

Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Friction Reduction Applications

Y. K. Hwa [1]
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

The present work investigates the role of suspended liquid-gas interfaces for applications involving the reduction in flow resistance using the COMSOL multiphysics software. A pressure-driven viscous flow of a liquid through microtubes containing superhydrophobic surfaces patterned with ... Read More

Leakage Current Analysis Of Various Parameters on 11kV Surge Arrester Design

N. Latiff [1]
[1] University of Malaya, Malaysia

In surge arrester, leakage current commonly flows across the arrester under normal condition. In this work, the leakage current of 11kV surge arrester was simulated in finite element method (FEM). The influence of insulator shed widths, housing materials and sizes of ZnO in an 11kV ZnO ... Read More

The Bio Inspired Tactile Sensor

N. Sabri [1]
[1] Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

In recent years, studies on robotics have been needed, to utilise the tactile sensors for artificial skin. Researchers have been working on tactile transduction technologies which lead to many sensor prototypes and devices for robotic applications in their effort to solve the tactile ... Read More