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Modelling Thermal Capillary Effects and Flow in the Molten Pool During Selective Laser Melting

Habimana Jean Willy [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

Laser additive manufacturing has become an interesting field of engineering which is revolutionizing industrial processes. Selective Laser melting (SLM) is a widely used additive manufacturing technique for 3D printing of metal structures. This process has a particular complexity in ... Read More

Finite Element Analysis of Accelerating Projectile Inside Vacuum Bazooka

Amir Shakouri [1],
[1] Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Different modules and capabilities of COMSOL Multi-physics software i.e. Fluid Flow, Moving Mesh and Global ODEs/DAEs are combined and applied to study the accelerating of a projectile inside a so-called "vacuum bazooka". Initially, the projectile is at rest in a partially vacuumed tube. ... Read More

Vibro-acoustic modeling, analysis and optimization using COMSOL Multiphysics

Yu Xiang [1],
[1] Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Institute of High Performance Computing), Singapore

Vibro-acoustics encompasses the study of interaction between sound and vibration. For example, sound transmission analysis is important to design vehicle bodies and building partitions, advanced noise control technologies can ease the increasing noise pollution problem in densely ... Read More

Numerical Simulations of Condensing Moist Air Around Cold Cylinder

Adel E. Alshayji [1],
[1] Kuwait University, Kuwait

In this study numerical simulations of moist air flow around cold cylinder are investigated. The condensation of moist air on the cold cylinder can effect the heat transfer and fluid flow around the cylinder. This physical phenomenon is encountered in a number of industrial processes ... Read More

Red Blood Cell Separation Using Magnetophoresis Force

Tran Si Bui Quang [1],
[1] Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Institute of High Performance Computing), Singapore

The separation of RBCs is needed in many biomedical devices. RBCs contain hemoglobin, which in turn consists of iron that helps transport oxygen throughout the body. The permeability of deoxygenated red blood cells is about (1 – 3.9e-6). The permeability of oxygenated red blood cells is ... Read More

Towards Multiscale Models for Bioimpedance of Human Skin with COMSOL Multiphysics

Karl Erik Birgersson [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mechanistic mathematical modeling for electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) of human skin involves not only the equation of change for the alternating current from and to the electrodes of the EIS probe but also the spatial resolution of the various skin layers and their material ... Read More

Comparative Analysis of Array 2×2 Double Bi Circular Microstrip Antenna with the Empirical Formula

Putu Artawan [1], Yono Hadi Pramono [1], Mashuri [1],
[1] Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia

Comparative Analysis of Array 2x2 Double Bi-Circular Microstrip Antenna was started by doing numeric analysis with empirical formula that supports the counting in relation to the characteristics antenna that is optimally applied in Wi-Fi communication system. The result of analysis that ... Read More

Improvement in Broadband Noise Attenuation with Periodic Top-edge of Noise Barriers

Prachee Priyadarshinee [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

With every passing decade, the issue of noise pollution became worse in urban areas and the usefulness of noise barriers increased. With the increase in demand came the challenge of improving the effectiveness of barriers. To facilitate this, extensive studies have been conducted ... Read More

Numerical Analysis of Flow Chamber Morphologies for Pilot-Scale Ultrasonication

Naveen Arunachalam [1],
[1] California Institute of Technology, USA

Ultrasonication effectiveness is an important consideration in the scale-up of lab-scale dispersion experiments. Unlike lab-scale experimentation, which can take advantage of localized tools such as probe and bath sonicators, pilot-scale processes may necessitate the use of large flow ... Read More

Effects of Acoustic Scattering on the Active Control of Noise Through Apertures

Lam Bhan [1],
[1] Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Active noise control systems have recently been proposed and implemented on domestic window apertures. However, their fundamental limits, and performance in the presence of glass windows has not been studied in detail. The passive acoustic attenuation through an aperture covered with ... Read More