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At the COMSOL Conference 2018, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

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Modeling of Random Nanostructures Based on SEM Images and Analysis of Resulting RF-Performance

K. Neumann [1], J. Moeller [1], L. Kuehnel [2], A. Rennings [1], N. Benson [2], R. Schmechel [2], D. Erni [1],
[1] General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering (ATE), University of Duisburg-Essen, and CENIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany
[2] Institute for Nanostructures and Technology (NST), University of Duisburg-Essen, and CENIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany

In the last few years printable electronics has gained a great deal of interest since it promises mechanical flexibility and extremely low production costs. One approach to achieve printable electronic devices relies on the usage of specific inks containing e.g. dispersed semiconductor ... Read More

Development and Analysis of Solid-State Batteries through Implementation of the COMSOL® Platform

J. Neyra [1], R. Acacio [1], S. Miorana [1], T. Garrison [1], C. Coddington [1], C. Scaduto [1], K. Baldwin [1], R. Integlia [1],
[1] Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeland, FL, USA

This report explores the utilization of COMSOL® to investigate material properties and perform finite element analysis in solid-state batteries. Over the years, the increase of energy density in Lithium-Ion batteries has begun to plateau. The impact of mainstream consumer electronics ... Read More

Free Surface Deformation of the Weld Pool in Orbital Narrow Gap GTA Welding

S. Morville [1], V. Bruyère [2], P. Namy [2],
[1] Technical Center FRAMATOME, Le Creusot, France
[2] SIMTEC, Grenoble, France

Arc current welding is a widespread process in heavy industry for the assembly of metallic components. In order to ensure the good quality of assemblies welds, it is appropriate to master the welding process but also to have a deep understanding of interactions with the weld pool and ... Read More

Simulation of Laser Powder-bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Process Using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software

K. Leung [1], A. Imanian [1],
[1] Technical Data Analysis, Inc., Falls Church, VA, USA

Additive manufacturing technology is becoming more popular for the fabrication of metal products as it offers rapid prototyping and large design freedom. However, part quality of components fabricated by current additive manufacturing technology is not comparable to that produced by ... Read More

Modeling Solid-Liquid Settling System as a Two-Phase Flow Problem

L. Gyurik [1], A. Egedy [1], Zs. Ulbert [1],
[1] University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary

Sedimentation is a challenging two-phase problem to model and simulate. Many applications in the industry use sedimentation for separation. For example treatment of wastewater often carried out in settling basins. Different types of the sedimentation process include independent and zone ... Read More

Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Quantitative Computation of a Rising Bubble Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

T. Preney [1], P. Namy [1], J.-D. Wheeler [1], ,
[1] SIMTEC, Grenoble, France

The mesh is a key component in numerical simulations as it represents the spatial discretization of the model geometry. To accurately measure the variation of the unknowns, a relevant mesh should have a high density of degrees of freedom in regions where the norm of the gradient of the ... Read More

Mechanical Damage Models for Concrete

M. Laviña [1], A. Idiart [1],
[1] Amphos 21 Consulting S.L., Barcelona, Spain

Damage models can be used to simulate the quasi-brittle behaviour of cementitious materials, since they can represent cracking in a smeared-way under various loading conditions. COMSOL Multiphysics® developed a functionality to access external material models for structural mechanics in ... Read More

Transient Simulation of the Removal Process in Plasma Electrolytic Polishing of Stainless Steel

I. Danilov [1], M. Hackert-Oschätzchen [1], I. Schaarschmidt [1], M. Zinecker [1], A. Schubert [1],
[1] Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology, Chemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz, Germany

Plasma electrolytic polishing (PeP) is an electrochemical method for surface treatment. In detail PeP is a special case of anodic dissolution [1] that unlike electrochemical polishing requires higher voltage and uses environment friendly aqueous solutions of salts. When the process ... Read More

Modeling Approach to Facilitate Thermal Energy Management with Phase Change Materials (PCM)

D. Rubinetti [1], D. A. Weiss [1], A. Chaudhuri [2], D. Kraniotis [2],
[1] Institute of Thermal and Fluid-Engineering, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
[2] Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Thermal energy storage systems receive notable attention within the framework of energy management due to their ability of bridging thermal energy demand and supply, thus leading to an overall efficiency increase. The key component in such systems are materials which convert ... Read More

Design and Simulation of 3D Printed Check Valves Using Fluid-Structure Interaction

A. M. Melvin [1], T. J. Roussel [1],
[1] Department of Bioengineering, J.B. Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA

Passive, one-way valves, also known as check valves, while common at the macro scale, are an essential microfluidic feature that facilitate flow rectification. These structures are also commonly used in reciprocating micropump configurations to control flow. Their operation can be ... Read More