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At the COMSOL Conference 2018, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

ISBN: 978-0-9910001-6-6

2018 - Allx

Investigating a Tensor Formulation to describe the Magnetic Structure of Soft Magnetic Materials

O. Maloberti [1], M. Nesser [2], E. Salloum [2], J. Fortin [2], S. Panier [2], P. Dassonvalle [1], C. Pineau [3], M. Caruso [4], J-P. Birat [3], I. Tolleneer [4],
[1] ESIEE Amiens, France
[2] UPJV-LTI, France
[3] IRT-M2P, France
[4] CRM Group, France

Most of existing material representations [1], even including the dynamic hysteresis and iron losses [2], ignore local microscopic non-uniformities. These concern the magnetic structure (domains and walls [3]) and are mainly due to surface effects, anisotropy and exchange [4]. One ... Read More


王宗荣 [1], 王珊 [1], 牛韶玉 [1], 李谷尧 [1], 李皓盛 [1],
[1] 浙江大学

The development of highly sensitive and stretchable pressure sensors is an emerging technological goal to realize the accurate real-time measurement of signals in a living body for health monitoring and medical applications. Designing various microstructures of PDMS film, such as micro ... Read More

Investigation of the Radiative Heat Transfer for high temperature molding processes

李子健 [1], Benjamin NOAILLES [2], José FEIGENBLUM [1],
[1] 骆图科技(上海)有限公司
[2] Roctool 骆图科技(上海)有限公司

In the molding industry, temperature management of the tool temperature is of key importance for the stability of the manufacturing process and for the quality of the production. The molding industry covers many different applications and many different molding methods exist: injection ... Read More

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