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Modelling of a Knife-Based Micro-Imager: Resolution and Depth of Investigation new

Benjamin Trudgill1, Ibrahim Alobaidan2, Will Carter1, Dr. David Hu1, Mark Bacciarelli1
1Weatherford International
2Imperial College London

Since the mid-1980s micro-resistivity imagers have provided borehole images using pad-type resistivity measurements. Geological features can be identified from borehole-image data, leading to improved reservoir characterisation and formation evaluation. Based either on conductive or ... Read More

Multiphysics Modeling Results for the High Flux Isotope Reactor to Support its LEU Conversion new

Prashant K. Jain1, Marta Sitek2
1Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2Argonne National Laboratory

Ongoing engineering design studies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are exploring the feasibility of converting the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) from highly enriched uranium (HEU) to low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel. HFIR is a pressurized light water-cooled and moderated research ... Read More

A Modeling Approach for Simulating Geothermal Energy Utilization by Borehole Heat Exchangers and Borehole Heat Exchanger Arrays new

Michael Rembe1
1Rembe Consulting PartG mbB, Germany

Decarbonization of the heating sector requires the exploitation of climate-neutral energy sources and the use of natural heat storage. Shallow and deep geothermal energy can make a valuable contribution to this. The dimensioning and design of geothermal boreholes and larger borehole heat ... Read More

Contact Resistance and Joule Heating new

P. Vorauer1

Simulation of thermal and electrical contact resistance of welding torch nozzles In modern engineering and scientific research, accurate modeling of contact resistances, both electrical and thermal, plays a crucial role in the design and analysis of technical systems. Our project ... Read More

Prediction of Douglas-Fir Sawn Timber Strength based on X-ray Computed Tomography and FEA new

Boris Sandor1, Andreas Weidenhiller1
1Holzforschung Austria

Due to climate change impacts and the worsening growth conditions of Norway spruce (Picea abies) the species composition of European forests is being diversified, incorporating more hardwoods as well as drought-resistant softwood species, such as Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). As a ... Read More

The Counterintuitive Physics Behind Magnetically Levitated Hoverboards new

A. Korocencev1, F. Sewing2
1University of Basel
2University of St. Gallen (HSG)

The following set of COMSOL® simulations were a vital part of a multi-year-long research project about magnetically levitated hoverboards. A hoverboard can be seen as a small skateboard, that uses magnetic a set of hover-thrusters instead of wheels. A total of nine working prototype ... Read More

Designing of the Diamond-Based NV Quantum Nano-Probe for Biological Applications new

Josef Soucek1, Ondrej Fisher2

This paper presents the application of a quantum sensor nano-probe using the point NV defect in the crystal lattice in the nanodiamond. We aim to showcase the design of a quantum sensor using printed circuit boards (PCBs) and investigate the quantum characteristic response of the NV ... Read More

Study of a Cardiovascular Implantable Anchor as Antenna for Wireless Connectivity new

Patricia Vazquez1, Riaz Rehman1, Bilal Amin1, Kevin Donaghey2, Atif Shahzad3
1University of Galway, Galway, Ireland
2AuriGen Medical, Galway, Ireland
3University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

This work presents the study of an implantable cardiovascular scaffold as a wireless antenna. The scaffold is composed of a nitinol mesh to anchor a cardiovascular device to the left atrial appendage, and a anchoring element that fixes a sensing device to the nitinol mesh. The potential ... Read More

Design and Simulation of an Additive Manufactured Microwave Cavity for Compact Cold Atom Clocks new

C. Affolderbach1, E. Batori1, G. Mileti1
1University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

We present the design and performance simulations for a microwave cavity for use in novel compact cold atom atomic clocks. Design goals for such a microwave cavity are a resonance frequency at the Rubidium ground-state transition frequency of 6.835 GHz, combined with a moderate quality ... Read More

Polarizability of a Spherical Particle in an Anisotropic Medium new

Gaurav Bansode1, Karthik Sasihithlu1
1Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, India 400076

As part of our primary research focus, we explore the phenomenon of non-radiative resonance energy transfer (RET) between a pair of dipoles positioned within a hyperbolic metamaterial (HMM). Our investigation reveals that the presence of an HMM can fundamentally alter these non-radiative ... Read More