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Introduction to the Model Manager

In lieu of saving and storing multiple versions of a model in separate model files, needing to reopen and manually sift through and identify what discrepancies exist, and document or record what changes have been made, you can use the Model Manager in COMSOL Multiphysics®. This workspace enables you to efficiently store and organize model files as well as files relevant to your model. This includes items such as CAD files, experimental data, and multiple versions of any input data used in a model. You can efficiently store and control this information and these types of assets using the Model Manager in COMSOL Multiphysics®.

In the tutorial video below, we will discuss and show you how to:

  • Access and navigate the Model Manager workspace
  • Create a local database
  • Save a model to a database
  • Save multiple versions of a model and include comments as to what was changed
  • Navigate between multiple versions of a model
  • Compare different versions of a model
  • Add input data or related files to a local database
  • Track the use of input data in your model
  • Connect to a server database through the Model Manager server
  • Search and filter models
  • Browse through the Model Builder tree and inspect the details of a model in the database
  • Include or exclude data from the model, both on file and in the database when saving it
  • Group a set of models in your database through categorization

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