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Using LiveLink™ for Simulink®

LiveLink™ for Simulink® is an add-on product for COMSOL Multiphysics® that connects the Simulink® and COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation environments. This recorded webinar provides an overview of the modeling capabilities that will become available by incorporating COMSOL Multiphysics® into Simulink®. This cosimulation can be used for any time-dependent or static model.

One capability included with LiveLink™ for Simulink® is the ability to export reduced-order state-space representations of COMSOL®. This is useful for system design as well as controller analysis and performance. Another capability is the use of Lookup Tables to further speed up certain simulations. The webinar will showcase these capabilities using the following models:

If you are working on a project that requires the capabilities of both softwares, but need to learn how to use them in combination, this webinar is a great place to start. Please note, however, that this webinar assumes some familiarity with both softwares.

The content here is applicable to recent versions of COMSOL Multiphysics® and Simulink®, although you may notice some small changes between versions.

You can learn more about LiveLink™ for Simulink® here.

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