Get an Inside Look at an Innovative Rainwater Drainage System

Duration: 4:28

Step into a busy neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark, to see how a multidisciplinary urban planning team used simulation to address a major problem in the city: overflowing drainage systems due to excess stormwater runoff. In this Inside Look video, we meet Marina Jensen, Tim Larsen, Vibe Gro, and Kristoffer Ulbak as they explain how a combination of a holistic approach, simulation, and collaboration enabled them to develop an aboveground rainwater drainage system, which doubles as a noise barrier. They also explain why the COMSOL Multiphysics® software was essential in creating a design that would be able to withstand Copenhagen's unpredictable climate — and be accepted by nearby residents. The final result is a sustainable solution that provides a natural buffer between the homes and busy road.

Tip: After watching the video, get more details (and see a bird's-eye view of the rainwater drainage system) in the article titled Greening the Heart of the City: An Urban Rooftop Drainage System Inside a Garden Fence.