Keynote: Designing a MEMS Acoustic Flow Microphone

Duration: 20:11

Soundskrit is revolutionizing the way sound is measured by developing a new generation of microphone technology. Unlike traditional microphones, which rely on sensing pressure to detect sound, their bioinspired, directional microphone detects sound by sensing acoustic airflow. This type of microphone, called an acoustic flow microphone, provides a level of sound localization and separation that cannot be obtained in current microphones on the market.

In this keynote talk from COMSOL Day: Canada, hosted together with CMC Microsystems, Stephane Leahy of Soundskrit, a startup based in Montreal, discusses the inspiration behind the acoustic flow microphone, how it differs from traditional pressure-based microphones, and how acoustics simulation is being used to help design this device.

Stephane Leahy is a cofounder of Soundskrit, where he currently leads the hardware development efforts. He works closely with a team of inventors and engineers to make the acoustic flow microphone a reality.