Keynote: RF-Induced Heating of Medical Devices in Open-Bore MRI

Duration: 20:34

More than 80 million MRI scans are conducted throughout the world every year, and many of the patients undergoing the scans have implanted medical devices. To keep patients safe, it is important to understand how MRIs interact with the implanted devices.

In this keynote talk from COMSOL Day: Biomedical Devices, David Gross of MED Institute focuses on using simulation to analyze the effects of RF-induced heating on medical devices during MRI. He also compares traditional closed-bore MRI scanners to new open-bore MRI scanner design concepts and shares their RF heating simulation results for both designs.

David Gross is the director of the MRI Safety Evaluations and Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S) groups at MED Institute, a medical device consulting company.