Keynote: Soundbar Designer, an App for Coupled Electroacoustics Modeling

Duration: 23:57

In his keynote talk at COMSOL Day: Acoustics 2022, Roberto Magalotti of Bowers & Wilkins introduces their Soundbar Designer simulation app. This app helps Bowers & Wilkins product developers explore variations in the design of a multichannel soundbar.

Magalotti shares a live demonstration of their app to showcase how it:

  • Relies on an easy-to-use input form for the geometric parameters of the enclosure
  • Yields an extensive overview of the expected performance for the design under study
  • Provides a graphical presentation of results, which can be used by Bowers & Wilkins designers to improve soundbar performance

Roberto Magalotti is a director of acoustic research at Bowers & Wilkins, where he focuses on the modeling and simulation of the nonlinear behavior of loudspeaker drivers, magnetic assemblies, and low-frequency room acoustics.