Keynote: Topology Optimization for an Efficient Design of an Electric Motor

Duration: 16:57

In a keynote talk at COMSOL Day: Vehicle Electrification, Steffen Rothe of Volkswagen Group Components shares how they use multiphysics simulation and optimization to design an electric motor with reduced magnetic weight. Through topology optimization, they found new rotor designs they would otherwise not have thought of, and by coupling the mechanical and electromagnetic interactions simultaneously, they were able to find the most suitable rotor design for the electric motor. They went on to develop and test a prototype of their design, and there was good agreement between the simulation and experimental data.

Steffen Rothe, PhD, is a simulation engineer for the Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel, Germany. He has been working at the Volkswagen Group Components in the fields of mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic design and optimization of traction motors for e-mobility applications since 2014.

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