Modeling Chemical Reactions and Transport in Porous Media

Duration: 7:04

In this video, we showcase the Porous Reactor with Injection Needle model to help explain how you can use COMSOL Multiphysics to model chemical species reaction and transport in porous media.

The transport properties, porous matrix properties, and reactions are all defined using the Reacting Flow in Porous Media, Transport of Diluted Species interface, which is found in the Chemical Reaction Engineering Module. The model then solves for the velocity and pressure of the flow, as well as the concentration of the reacting species. Finally, some adjustments are made to the model to increase the effectiveness of the reactor.

More resources involving chemical reactors:

  1. Paper: Reduction Stage During Copper Refinement in a Packed Bed Reactor
  2. Model: NOx Reduction in a Monolithic Reactor

Chapter Selection

Introduction (0:00) Open the Model (0:40) Review the Transport Phenomena (1:39) Inspect the Mesh (3:54) Extend the Results (4:30) Improve the Reactor (6:06)