Modeling Electrochemical Systems using COMSOL Multiphysics

Duration: 58:31

The fields of electrochemical engineering and industrial electrochemistry often require simulation for applications like electroanalysis, electrolysis, electrochemical sensors, electrodialysis, and bioelectrochemistry. You can learn how to model electrochemical systems using COMSOL Multiphysics in this archived webinar.

The video describes the interfaces and features available in the Electrochemistry Module and demonstrates the modeling of mass transport, current densities, and electrochemical reactions, as well as how to couple them for high-accuracy simulations. As you will see, the software is easy to use and highly effective for modeling physical effects and the interactions between them. Additionally, it is capable of optimizing studies that involve the diffusion of materials in a solution and material advection in fluid flow. A demonstration toward the end of the video shows the model set-up and solving process for the electrochemical analysis of microdisk voltammetry.