Modeling Pressure Acoustics in COMSOL®: Video Lecture Series

Duration: 10:09:25

Learn how to model pressure acoustics in COMSOL Multiphysics® in this 9-part series of video lectures. Through comprehensive, step-by-step demonstrations in the COMSOL® software, you will learn how to effectively perform acoustics and vibrations analysis.

Topics include modeling the propagation of acoustic waves in fluids at quiescent background conditions, using meshing and solver strategies, including damping in your models, and setting up perfectly matched layers for open space simulations and transient acoustics analyses. The series also covers using background pressure fields for scattered field analyses, implementing the boundary element method, resolving time-dependent waves, solving large transient pressure acoustics models using the time-explicit discontinuous Galerkin method, and more.

Try it yourself: Get the Acoustics of a Room tutorial model here.