Modeling Speaker Sources in a Room Environment

Duration: 34:37

Ensuring high-quality sound in enclosed spaces, such as rooms or cars, requires an understanding of the sound radiation characteristics of the speaker sources, as well as the acoustic properties of the rooms. Numerical simulations can be used to help develop audio systems with the desired radiation pattern and frequency response. Additionally, simulation can be used to identify the best location and orientation for speaker placement and determine how surface properties affect the sound distribution and quality.

This presentation features real-world examples of room acoustics designers using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software to optimize the performance of speakers in room environments. In addition, we showcase a model that demonstrates the software’s key features for room acoustics modeling. We also provide an overview of its capabilities for simulating sources using a detailed or lumped representation coupled to wave-based or ray acoustics models with detailed boundary properties. These methods can be combined in the software, making it possible to model room acoustics across the entire audio frequency spectrum.

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