Piezoelectric Simulations with COMSOL Multiphysics

Duration: 1:00:38

Piezoelectric materials contribute as a key design component in transducers, sensors, actuators, and resonators. The ability to accurately model these devices can greatly benefit the design process and contribute to increasing the efficiency of the device through better understanding of the multiphysics interaction between piezoelectric, structural, and dielectric or conductive materials in the same device. This webinar introduces you to the modeling and simulation of such devices. Special attention is given to the multiphysics capabilities that allow you to easily combine piezoelectric device modeling with other physics such as acoustics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer or electromagnetic waves in a single simulation.

Chapter Selection

Introduction to Simulation of Piezoelectric Devices (0:00) Live demonstration of a Tonpilz Transducer Model (20:37) Questions and answers session (41:08)