Reactive Solute Transport: Coupling Subsurface Flow and Geochemical Processes

Duration: 12:36

This video, produced by AMPHOS 21, demonstrates the simulation of a deep geological repository for radioactive waste management. You will see how subsurface flow and chemical reactions between the buffer material within the storage canisters and surrounding the repositories are all coupled and simulated together, in a study of reactive solute transport. These simulations occur over the span of thousands of years. The video also illustrates how COMSOL Multiphysics and PHREEQC, a widely used software for geochemical thermodynamic and reaction kinetics calculations, can be connected using the COMSOL Java API and IPhreeqc’s shared library. The research shown here was also presented at the COMSOL Conference in the paper "Coupling Multiphysics with Geochemistry: The COMSOL-PhreeqC Interface"