Xi Engineering Demos How to Access Apps via COMSOL Server™

Duration: 9:58

Watch this video to see Xi Engineering, a COMSOL Certified Consultant, present one of several simulation applications they have created with the Application Builder. They demonstrate how to access, run, and use one of their apps via COMSOL Server™. The app can be used to analyze the presence of vibrating machines on a factory floor to see if the floor can support the machinery.

After introducing the COMSOL Server™ interface, Xi Engineering goes over the different settings and features available in their COMSOL® app. They show how to set up the room dimensions and machine parameters, design parameters for the floor's main and auxiliary beams, and run both modal and frequency response analyses to determine the mode shape and max displacement.

Learn more about the features of the COMSOL Server™ software.

Xi Engineering Consultants is an engineering consultancy firm that enjoys solving difficult engineering problems and is particularly experienced in the fields of noise and vibration.

Chapter Selection

COMSOL Server™ Tour (0:40) Introducing the Application (1:22) Modify the Geometry (2:50) Select the Right Mesh (4:45) Run the Modal Analysis (5:42) Compute the Frequency Response (7:08)