BE CAE & Test

BE CAE & Test

BE CAE & Test provides consultancy services for applications based on numerical simulations. Our company recognizes that virtual prototyping plays an important role in several engineering fields. It serves as a powerful tool for optimizing the design of products and processes, while also reducing the time to market ratio. We strongly believe that complex problems have to be analyzed using a multiphysics approach.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of dynamic, motivated, and qualified engineers who have accumulated wide technical expertise through several years of research in academia and within the industry. These individuals are the key to our success. We use COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software as our main modeling tool and have extensive experience working with it. BE CAE & Test offers support and assistance to those professionals and enterprises analyzing complex problems related to their technical activities.

Areas of Specialization

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Fluid dynamics (laminar, turbulent, and two-phase flow)
  • Heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation analysis)
  • Reacting flows (transport-diffusion analysis and combustion)
  • Structural mechanics (static linear and nonlinear analysis, modal analysis, and frequency responses analysis)
  • Multibody system dynamics (kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems)

Address & Contact Information

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BE CAE & Test
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