NablaWorks provides modeling and simulation services concentrating mainly on electromagnetics including such application areas as electrostatics and magnetostatics, low- and high-frequency electrodynamics including optics, transient electromagnetics and more. NablaWorks also specializes in multiphysics problems that couple electromagnetics to other types of physics such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

NablaWorks core expertise lies in the ability to combine the understanding of electromagnetics, coupled physics and numerical analysis in every project we undertake. The use of simulation software should be more than just pushing buttons on a black box. Every numerical model must accurately reflect corresponding physical reality, and in order to generate meaningful and accurate models it is imperative to understand both the physics of the problem and the numerical techniques that are used for simulations — NablaWorks understands and applies this critical requirement to every project.

NablaWorks simulation services are used by our clients to supplement research and development of new technologies and products. In particular, clients who lack sufficient electromagnetic expertise within their organizations find NablaWorks experience in electromagnetics complementary to their core competences.

Whether long-term or short-term, every project undertaken by NablaWorks is custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs because our ultimate goal is to make our clients successful. You are invited to contact us and discuss how our expertise can help you achieve your objectives.

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