Scientific and Technical Solutions

Wissenschaftliche und Technische Lösungen Scientific and Technical Solutions

SiCo-Solutions Scientific and Technical Solutions is specialized in scientific computation of complex problems including also practical applications with a high relation in optimization of industrial processes. Our service also includes projects with innovative and applied research character, for example modeling.

The combination of our simulation technology and industrial requirements of our customers leads to a better understanding of processes. This allows a significant decrease of time and costs during development or optimization processes.

Our philosophy is based on a holistic-integrative approach considering all procedures in their systemic coherence. Thus our focus is to find the best quality solving the setting of task of our customers.

We are working in the fields of:

  • CFD - Navier-Stokes, high-viscosity fluids
  • Rheology - Modeling and simulation of ceramics, for example high-tech ceramics in the automotive sector, technical ceramics and heavy clay ceramics
  • Rheological laboratory - characterization of material properties of ceramics, for example yield stresses, viscosities, parameters used for simulation
  • Multiphysics - Combination of electrical heating and deformation, FSI
  • Mass and heat transfer - convection and heating
  • Porous media - Sintering, two phase flow
  • Reactive fluid flow - Mixing processes
  • Chemical reactors - Optimization of the shape of stirrers, mixing
  • Structural mechanics - Buckling, displacement, stress analysis

Address & Contact information :

Scientific and Technical Solutions
70180 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel : +49 (0)711 1206247
Fax : +49 (0)711 1206254