SiCo-Solutions specializes in the scientific computation of complex problems and practical applications in the optimization of industrial processes. Along with project management support, our modeling and simulation technologies lead to the development of rapid, cost-effective designs. We are committed to using our innovative and applied research for creating the best quality products for our customers.

Areas of Expertise

Our services are in the following fields:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Navier-Stokes
    • High-viscosity fluids
  • Rheology
    • Modeling and simulation of ceramics
      • High-tech ceramics in the automotive sector
      • Technical ceramics
      • Heavy clay ceramics
  • Multiphysics
    • Combination of electrical heating and deformation
    • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Mass and heat transfer
    • Convection and heating
  • Porous media
    • Sintering
    • Two-phase flow
  • Reactive fluid flow
    • Mixing processes
  • Chemical reactors
    • Optimization of the shape of stirrers
    • Mixing
  • Structural mechanics
    • Buckling
    • Displacement
    • Stress analysis

Address and Contact information

Scientific and Technical Solutions
70180 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel : +49 (0)711 1206247
Fax : +49 (0)711 1206254