Xi Engineering Consultants

Xi Engineering Consultants

Xi Engineering Consultants is an engineering consultancy firm that enjoys solving difficult engineering problems with particular expertise in the fields of noise and vibration. Our team specializes in the complex modeling, measurement, and analysis of dynamic systems. We are not limited in our approach to problem solving and we actively engage our expertise over a wide range of engineering disciplines and market sectors, with clients in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

We are part of an elite group of COMSOL Certified Consultants, having utilized COMSOL Multiphysics® to perform both large- and small-scale analyses on products ranging from wind turbines to electronic components. When additional computation power is needed for very large mesh problems, our team has access to the supercomputer facility at the University of Edinburgh, which includes HECToR, one of the world's top 20 supercomputers. Complementing our modeling expertise is our experience measuring vibration and acoustics using microphone setups, geophone and piezoelectric accelerometer arrangements, and laser vibrometry surveys. When possible, we validate our models using empirical data. Our hands-on approach allows us to accurately construct and analyze our models in relation to our clients' problems.

Our work is often presented at international conferences as well as published in peer-reviewed articles. Some of our achievements include winning the Engineering Excellence Award at the 2014 Green Energy Awards along with receiving an honor from the Annual Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Some of our work on acoustics has also been published in NASA Tech Briefs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Structural mechanics
    • Vibration measurement and analysis
    • Model analysis of complex structural systems
    • Vibration analysis of submarine and submerged structures
    • Isolation design and optimization
    • Operational deflection shape (ODS) surveys
  • Acoustics
    • Acoustic-structure interaction
    • Tonal noise analysis and mitigation
    • Underwater acoustics
    • Building acoustics
    • Environmental acoustics
    • Aeroacoustics
    • Speaker and actuator design
  • Environmental impact assessments
    • Acoustic measurement and modeling
    • Impact on marine species
    • Impact on ultrasensitive scientific equipment
  • Rotating machinery
    • Multibody dynamics
    • Drive train analysis
    • Frequency response and fatigue analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Fluid-structure analysis of flow-induced vibration
    • Flow-induced vibration
    • Flow-induced noise
    • Aerodynamic loading
  • Expert witness
    • Providing written evidence and testimony on matters relating to vibration and noise

Our Focus

We pride ourselves on delivering economic benefits to our clients and have gained a powerful reputation for our innovative and collaborative approach. Our team features a strong multidisciplinary group of specialists, allowing us to work with a multitude of industries, from renewable energy and construction to marine and defense. With applied ingenuity, we go the extra mile and assist our clients from the idea-generation stage to detailed implementation.

Example system where our team calibrated the forced response frequency (FRF) positions of real accelerometer data to verify modeled system dynamics for a tidal turbine.

Address and Contact Information

Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Codebase, Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street
United Kingdom
Phone:+44 (0)131 290 2250
Email: contact@xiengineering.com
Website: xiengineering.com