1D Lithium-Ion Battery Drive-Cycle Monitoring

Application ID: 19133

This application shows how a battery cell exposed to a hybrid electric vehicle drive cycle can be investigated with the Lithium-Ion Battery interface in COMSOL.

This model predicts the battery behavior to make comparisons of the monitored properties. They can be used to understand the battery's behavior during the cycle better, since the model includes can calculate more than is measurable, for instance:

  • internal resistance and polarization in each part of the battery cell
  • accurate cell SOC computation
  • SOC of each electrode material
  • local temperature
  • At the same time, the model setup opens up the possibility to vary many of the battery's design parameters. For instance, materials and thickness of electrodes can easily be changed to see if the behavior is more desired.

    In this example, the advanced monitoring possibilities of the Lithium-Ion Battery interface are foremost shown. The interface is also coupled to a Heat Transfer in Solids interface for the purpose of calculating the temperature.

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