Balanced Armature Transducer - Frequency Domain Analysis

Application ID: 61741

This is a full vibro-electroacoustic simulation of a balanced armature (BA) transducer (also known as a receiver in some industries) which is a high performance miniature loudspeaker often used in hearing aids and other in-ear audio products.

The model is set up using a linear frequency domain perturbation approach on top of the DC analysis of the magnetic system. The electromagnetic coupling to the armature is done using the built-in Magnetomechanical Forces multiphysics coupling. The vibrating armature is part of a magnetic circuit with alternating flux imposed by the AC coil – causing a strong interaction with the unidirectional permanent (DC) magnetic field in the gap.

The measurement setup that consists of a tube and an ear canal simulator (a 711 coupler) is modeled through a transfer matrix representation using the Lumped Port condition. The transfer matrix data of the system is computed in the tutorial model Transfer Matrix of a Tube and Coupler Measurement Setup.

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products: