Dynamics of a Roller Chain Sprocket Assembly

Application ID: 78181

Chain drives are used for transmitting power from one shaft to another, located at some distance. This example simulates the dynamics of a chain sprocket assembly in 2D. The geometry consists of a roller chain wrapped around two sprockets. Both chain links and sprockets are assumed to be rigid. An angular velocity is prescribed at the driver sprocket.

The geometry of the chain sprocket assembly is created using built-in geometry parts. The Chain Drive node in the Multibody Dynamics interface is used for setting up the entire model. Using a transient study, the dynamics of the system is analyzed for two cases: when the driven sprocket is unloaded, and when it is loaded by a counteracting external torque. In the latter case, the driven sprocket is also assigned an additional moment of inertia. The results show comparisons of chain link motion, contact forces, and other results.

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