Electromagnetic Plunger

Application ID: 36671

This is a transient model of an electromagnetic plunger consisting of a magnetic core, nonmagnetic guider, multi-turn coil, and magnetic plunger attached to the spring and damper at the far end.

The electromagnetic force on the plunger due to the transient current in the coil is calculated using the Maxwell stress tensor method in Magnetic Fields physics. The electromagnetic force is then added to the dynamical equation of motion of the plunger using the Global ODEs and DAEs physics. Due to the translational motion of the plunger, the Magnetic Fields physics is solved together with the Moving Mesh physics to correctly compute the fields.

This model is featured and explained in much greater detail in the following blog post: Part 1: How to Model a Linear Electromagnetic Plunger.

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products: