Frequency Selective Surface Simulator

Application ID: 24371

Frequency selective surfaces (FSS) are periodic structures that generate a bandpass or a bandstop frequency response. They are used to filter or block RF; microwave; or, in fact, any electromagnetic wave frequency. For example, you see these selective surfaces on the doors of microwave ovens, which allow you to view the food being heated without being heated yourself in the process.

The Frequency Selective Surface Simulator app simulates a user-specified periodic structure chosen from the built-in unit cell types. It provides five unit cell types popularly used in FSS simulations along with two predefined polarizations in one fixed direction of propagation that has normal incidence on the FSS. The analysis includes the reflection and transmission spectra, the electric field norm on the top surface of the unit cell, and the dB-scaled electric field norm shown on a vertical cut plane in the unit cell domain.

You can change the polarization, center frequency, bandwidth, number of frequencies, substrate thickness and its material properties, and unit cell type (circle, ring, split ring, etc.) as well as their geometry parameters, including periodicity (cell size).

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