Generation of Lamb Waves for Nondestructive Inspection of Plate Specimens

Application ID: 111351

Numerical modeling of Lamb waves, which belong to guided waves, is essential for the analysis and design of the structural health monitoring (SHM) systems for long range ultrasonic testing. The design of an SHM system based on guided waves consists of two main parts. In the first place, it is required to know the dispersion curves for the modes that can propagate in the waveguide of a certain cross section. In the second place, the propagation of a chosen mode through the waveguide and its reflection from a possible irregularity in the cross-section area (a fracture or a corrosion defect) is analyzed in the time domain.

This tutorial studies the propagation of guided waves in a steel plate with a finite width and thickness. The Mode Analysis study for the Solid Mechanics physics interface applied on the 2D cross section of the plate computes the propagating modes. This approach is also sometimes referred to as the semi-analytical finite element (SAFE) method. An angle beam wedge excites the desired mode in the plate with a flaw, which is modeled in 3D using the Elastic Wave, Time Explicit physics interface.

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