Application ID: 26611

This app demonstrates the following:

  • Multiple tabs in the ribbon
  • Geometry parts and parameterized geometries
  • Parts and cumulative selections can be used to automatically set domain and boundary settings in the embedded model
  • Adding or removing geometry parts with different geometrical configuration
  • Options for creating different mesh sizes
  • Sending an email with a report when the computation is finished
  • User-defined email server settings which is useful when running compiled standalone applications
  • Sliders to control the visualization of a slice plot

The app provides a user-friendly interface where scientists and process engineers can investigate the influence that vessels, impellers, baffles, and operating conditions have on the mixing efficiency and on the power that is required to drive the impellers. You can use this application to understand and optimize the design and operation of a mixer for a given fluid.

You can specify the dimensions of the vessel from a list of three types and the dimensions and configuration of the impellers from a list of eleven types. The vessels can also be equipped with baffles. You can further specify the impeller speed and the properties of the fluid that is being mixed.

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