Modeling of a 3D Inductor

Application ID: 10299

Inductors are used in many applications for low pass filtering or for impedance matching of predominantly capacitive loads. They are used in a wide frequency range from near static up to several MHz. An inductor usually has a magnetic core to increase the inductance, while keeping its size small. The magnetic core also reduces the electromagnetic interference with other devices as the magnetic flux tends to stay within it. Because there are only crude analytical or empirical formulas available for calculating impedances, computer simulations or measurements are necessary in the design of inductors. Inductor modeling is in general more complex than the modeling of resistors and capacitors, but similar principles apply. This introductory model uses a design drawn in an external CAD software and is imported for static and frequency domain analysis in the AC/DC Module. In this tutorial, we perform the AC analysis up to computing the frequency dependent impedance.

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