Notch Approximation to Low-Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Cylinder with a Hole

Application ID: 13497

A load carrying component of a structure is subjected to multi-axial cyclic loading during which localized yielding of the material occurs. In this model you perform a low cycle fatigue analysis of the part based on the Smith-Watson-Topper (SWT) model.

Due to localized yielding, you can use two methods to obtain the stress and strain distributions for the fatigue evaluation. The first method is an elastoplastic analysis with linear kinematic hardening, while the second is a linear elastic analysis with Neuber correction for plasticity, based on the Ramberg-Osgood material model. This example explores the second method. In the model “Low-Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Cylinder with a Hole”, the same problem is solved using the full elastoplastic approach.

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