Piezoelectric Tonpilz Transducer with a Prestressed Bolt

Application ID: 14535

A tonpilz transducer is used for relatively low frequency, high power sound emission. It is one of the popular transducer configurations for SONAR applications. The transducer consists of piezoceramic rings stacked between a head mass and a tail mass which are connected by a central bolt. This example shows how to incorporate the effect of a pre-tension in the bolt. The bolt geometry is imported from the Part Libraries. The frequency response shows the structural and acoustic effects such as deformation, stresses, radiated power, sound pressure level, the transmitting voltage response (TVR) curve, and the directivity index (DI) of the sound beam.

The model is an extension of the Tonpilz Piezo Transducer (Application ID: 11478). The model uses assemblies in order to correctly model where the bolt slips and where it is attached.

In order to prestress the bolt this model uses the Bolt Pre-tension feature. All multiphysics couplings are done using the predefined Piezoelectric Effect and Acoustic-Structure Boundary available to couple Pressure Acoustics, Solid Mechanics and Electrostatics physics. The prestressed study combines a stationary study step and a frequency domain perturbation study step.

This example requires the Acoustics Module and the Structural Mechanics Module.

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