Single Particle Model of a Lithium-Ion Battery

Application ID: 14527

An isothermal single particle model formulation for a lithium-ion battery is presented in this work. The single particle model is a simplification of the 1D formulation for a lithium-ion battery along with a few assumptions. The model is typically valid for low-medium current scenarios. Note that validity of the assumptions and applicability of the single particle model also depends on the parameter values and electrode/electrolyte chemistry used in the model.

The single particle model can be used for parameter estimation studies (kinetic, transport properties) by comparing with experimental data. Additionally, it can be used instead of the 1D formulation, in the 2D and 3D thermal model formulations, for computational advantages.

In this work, the single particle model formulation is compared against the 1D formulation (libattery1D from the model library) for different discharge currents.

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