Slot-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna Array Synthesizer

Application ID: 30601

This app demonstrates the following:

  • Parameterized geometries
  • Visualizing material appearance, color, and texture
  • Multiple plots in the same window to visualize the results
  • Options to visualize the results with different views using check boxes

Microstrip patch antenna arrays are used in a number of industries as transceivers of radar and RF signals. This is a prime candidate for the 5G mobile network system.

The app simulates a single slot-coupled microstrip patch antenna, fabricated on a multilayered low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) substrate. When using this app, you will be able to simulate the far-field radiation pattern of the antenna array and its directivity. The far-field radiation pattern is approximated by multiplying the array factor and the single antenna radiation pattern to perform an efficient far-field analysis without simulating a complicated full-array model.

You can also evaluate phased antenna array prototypes for 5G mobile networks with a default input frequency of 30 GHz. You can do this by varying antenna properties such as the geometric dimension and substrate material.

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