Superlattice Band Gap Tool

Application ID: 45281

The Superlattice Band Gap Tool helps the design of periodic structures made of two alternating semiconductor materials (superlattices). The tool uses the effective mass Schrödinger equation to estimate the electron and hole ground state energy levels in a given superlattice structure. Device engineers can use the tool to quickly compute the effective band gap for a given periodic structure and iterate the design parameters until they reach a desired band gap value.

To use the app, enter the desired superlattice parameters, including the widths of the well and the barrier layer, the effective masses for electrons and holes in those layers, the band gaps in those layers, and the conduction band offset. The valence band offset is updated automatically and should be checked for positivity by the app user. The user can also control the maximum mesh element size used for the studies. Click the Compute button to compute the shift in the conduction and valance band edge and the effective band gap. The electron and hole wave functions are plotted in the Graphics window.

You can find out more about the demo app in this blog post: "Computing the Band Gap in Superlattices with the Schrödinger Equation"

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