Three Cases for a 1D Photonic Crystal

Application ID: 89741

In this model, an eigenfrequency analysis is performed to give a bandgap analysis of a 1D multilayer photonic crystal extending to infinity in +/- y direction.

We perform the bandgap analysis for three different cases of material properties, as discussed in Chapter 4 of Ref. 1.

  1. Case 1: epsr1 = 13 and epsr2 = 13
  2. Case 2: epsr1 = 13 and epsr2 = 12
  3. Case 3: epsr1 = 13 and epsr2 = 1


  1. J.D. Joannopoulus, R.D. Meade, and J.N. Winn, Photonic Crystals (Molding the Flow of Light), Princeton University Press, 2008.

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